Présentation de la team IT Squad

Our group IT SQUAD consist of youngs members named : Noelino,Sylvanette,Florina and our team leader Goelson.We are passionated by web programming.Noelino and Sylvanette are the web developer,Goelson is the web designer and Florina is the integrator of the group.

Portfolio Team IT Squad

Captures d'écrans de notre site Internet Webcup 2022


  • Description du site

    Our site is an interactive website for mentally challenged person which live with some disabilities and specially for blind and death people..The website consist of a homepage,gallery,forum,about us and a contact us page.Our homepage and gallery are designed specially for those who are blind,it consists of an audio.We have also implemented a forum for mentally challenged persons.

  • Les points forts & points faibles

    • Be freely and easily accessible
    • Facilitates parents’ tasks
    • Exploit the learning skills
    • Improve their participation
    • Not suitable for people who are not computer literate
    • Not suitable for people suffering from profound intellectual disability

  • Si on avait plus de temps...

    We could have improve our site visually, includes more functionality for our forum. For example, implement an admin page to control users message, edit and delete message.

  • Site Responsive
  • CMS
  • Framework JS
  • Language(s) de programmation : HTML & PHP
  • Framework CSS : Bootstrap
  • Template créatif :
  • Pre/post-processor CSS

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